"Don’t let anyone tell you that you’re not good enough or that you’re ugly. What is pretty, anyway? At the end of the day, everyone’s unique and different so embrace who you are, as there’s only one of you."

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@littlemixofficial: This is how the MAGIC is created!!!

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did naya rivera just get married…… didnt she and big sean just break up like 2 weeks ago…. *beyonce voice* that is so crazy

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They told me I’d be over this band by now

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@Louis_Tomlinson: Me and the little lad :)

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@jesymix14: @perrieeele when u get writers block what do u do………. Let me take a selfie ;)/"Oh go on then just a peck" ;)/"Noooo please stop I have a boyfriend"

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hi hi. so i’ve seen a few of these masterposts in the past month and since we basically use the same websites i just thought hey why not make one of my own since i really wanted to share these super duper awesome websites with you guys and why not just help you out cause these are actually really helpful :) and this is inspired by bangarz’s post (((here))) so credit to her xx (PART TWO OF THIS POST)


  1. convert anything to anything
  2. convert youtube videos to mp3s
  3. download videos from youtube
  4. download music from 8tracks


  1. easy makeup tips
  2. eyeliner trick
  3. fashion guide
  4. makeuphacks
  5. makeup tips
  6. 40 must have makeup tips
  7. eye makeup tips
  8. punk rock makeup
  9. perfect smokey eye tutorial
  10. makeup tips for every occasion
  11. news paper nail tutorial
  12. messy bun tutorial
  13. winged eyeliner tutorial


  1. brownie in a cup
  2. cookie in a cup
  3. muffin in a mug
  4. egg tacos
  5. french bread pizza


  1. how to survive finals
  2. homework help
  3. learn geography
  4. make flash cards
  5. math problem solver one // two
  6. pull an all nighter but still do well in your exams
  7. boost your creativity (coffee shop sounds)
  8. best learning website ever
  9. how to survive college
  10. download free books
  11. study tips
  12. writing tips
  13. fake writing an essay
  14. write an actual essay
  15. good playlists for studying one // two // three // four
  16. will teach you anything 
  17. study guide 


  1. photoshop help one // two // three // four
  2. all the audio posts you’ve ever reblogged
  3. easy way to make masterposts
  4. find out what’s wrong with your blog
  5. find a gif reaction
  6. how to make themes part 1 // part 2 // part 3 // part 4 // part 5
  7. html help
  8. kawaii emoji’s
  9. mass tag replacer
  10. post limit checker
  11. see your old themes
  12. url shortener
  13. opposite of ^^


  1. sound of a coffee shop
  2. nature sounds
  3. rain noises
  4. dripping water
  5. waterfall
  6. tsunami
  7. waves
  8. being underwater
  9. thunderstorm


  1. learn new things
  2. a list of movies with links
  3. horror movies with links
  4. teen movies masterlist
  5. old disney movies
  6. watch free tv/movies
  7. fun sites masterpost
  8. dont know what to listen to? ((THIS IS REALLY COOL))
  9. this is just really cool
  10. see your dashboard from 2011


  1. break something
  2. get a hug
  3. receive compliments
  4. the thoughts room
  5. watch cute things
  6. watch a dog lick your screen forever
  7. slap a bald guy with an eel


  1. donate food to the hungry
  2. create a fake tweet
  3. 99 lifehacks to make your life easier
  4. cant remember the name of a song?
  5. upload stuff from your iphone to your laptop
  6. wanna know how something works?
  7. tricks to sleeping more
  8. fake a tweet
  9. wanna know who you write like?
  10. how to love yourself
  11. make cool things
  12. what should i make for dinner?
  13. what should i listen to now?
  14. what should i do today?
  15. what should i do with my life?
  16. where should i go for drinks?
  17. what’s the weather?
  18. when to pee during a movie

okay well that’s all guys, i hope this helped and i hope you all have an awesome year ! :)

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I just made the most inhuman noise


oh my god
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when u dislike a song on an 8tracks but u dont dislike it enough 2 waste a skip on it so u just gotta suffer thru

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can you ask your followers with twitters to retweet the vevo lift tweet? it has less than 200 retweets or favorites... twitter(.)com/Vevo/status/491266474561261568 (I love the kelly rowland quote on your blog)

Sure, don’t know if it will help. People who have twitter please retweet this

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